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About lightline

LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik was founded in 1992 by Marco Stümpel in Osnabrueck, Germany, as well as later the LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik GmbH.

The first foundet LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik e.K. is responsible for the highclass rental service and the LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik GmbH is taking care of the sales and the manufacturing process.

The modern manufacturing facility has engineers, laser technicians and show producers who constantly work on new products, new laser shows and multimedia installations.

Through the 20 years of experience of Marco Stümpel his company has grown to one of the leading show laser suppliers for high power lasers worldwide.

Worth knowing

Lightline was the first company to use and sell the new OPSL-technology. As the first certified integrator we soon became the “PREMIUM-INTEGRATOR” status. This means that we were treated with priority in terms of delivery time, service and technology transfer.

As one of the leading pioneers we have an extensive experience with these lasersources by Coherent. A proof for our quality is that Coherent uses Lightline power-supplies for their Taipan-OPSL-diodes.

There is no other laser source that offers so many benefits, as the OPSL-diodes. Ten different wavelengths are available today with various power levels. The mechanical platform is similar for all diodes, so that the combination is easy and the integration is clean and efficient.


Prolight 2012


Certified Integrator 600

Certified Integrator

Lightline recieved an award in February 2014.

Many shows, installations, theme parks and concerts around the world are equipped with lasers by LIGHTLINE.

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